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When it comes to the NFL, Nebraska fans have always harbored a kind of mixed feeling. While everyone is proud of every Husker who has been a part of the NFL roster, NFL is also a crude reminder of the Callahan era when the team experienced two losing records and even went on to disintegrate in 2007.  Still, there have been a considerable number of Cornhuskers who have gone on to play in the NFL and build successful professional careers. Here are five of the greatest Nebraska players to have ever played in the NFL:

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The Oklahoma State Cowboys probably have one of the most underrated histories in college football. Few people know that they've had many great players who have made it big in the NFL. The best of their talent also came in the form of running backs Thurman Thomas and Barry Sanders in the 1990s. Let’s take a look at a few other greatest players of all times the Oklahoma State Cowboys ever produced.

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