Nostalgia – a word that fuels most people. And that’s why you see fashion getting upgraded and then going back to older times, so that people relate to it. Nostalgia has deeply affected the fashion and retail industry. If you’re with me still, the next statement is going to blow you. The advent of collegiate apparel is deeply rooted in sentimentality. Even when people graduate, they wouldn’t want to let go of their favorite jersey or their official college hoodie. Why? Because there are sentiments attached to these clothing items. So if you’ve been wondering why collegiate apparel is seen on runways, you’ve just found the answer. But that’s not the only cause for bringing collegiate apparel into fashion. Keep reading to find out what else is.


What caused collegiate apparel to become a fashion trend?

The most common reason why something becomes a trendy fashion item is when a celebrity is seen wearing it. For example, Drake, a known college basketball fan, recently wore a $260 "Tennessee" crewneck (which isn't officially licensed apparel from the University of Tennessee, and sells at nearly five times a premium for a comparable Tennessee crewneck) artfully distressed to spell out "finesse." In no time, people went gaga over wearing their old college clothes to offices and parties.

Why are we so enthralled about wearing college apparel?

All this inclination towards college wear has a lot to do with the need for being related to the days of youth. The shiny and idyllic whimsy of our younger selves excited us and somehow, wearing clothes with our college team’s logo on it makes us feel funky and connected with our energetic selves. It makes us feel a little carefree, like we used to be back in college, when life was unencumbered by the responsibilities that we have now. It’s a form of escapism from the complicated world and the expectations we’re made to live up to.

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