Though dictionary has a clear and precise definition of fashion, it is impossible, to sum up, its essence in few words. With unimaginable boundaries, where there is no threshold or conclusion, fashion pivot on “The interpretation. 

It varies from person to person; while for many fashions defines austere minimalism, there are a majority of people who prefer fashion to be elaborate and highly provocative. For some, fashion is a way of life or necessity, whereas, for a large section of the society it is an outlet for emotions. No matter how you define “the fashion,” ignoring it is beyond question. 

Whether you are hitting a gym, or getting all dressed for an important event, the clothes that you wear speak a lot about “you.” It defines your personality and traits. You can be a conventional dresser, an athletic dresser, a casual chic dresser, a designer lover or a sloppy one; there are clothes for you. A person in a happy mood tend to pick bright colors and experiment, and dark colors and monotony attract a gloomy. 

Fashion evolves on a timely basis. Centuries ago, our cave-dwelling ancestors began wearing clothing purely for utilitarian reasons. Eventually, fashion embraced change, but remain hidden behind by human parameters such as ego defenses, habitual behaviors, and socially dictated norms. But, soon we reached the 80s, with the rise of pop superstars like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, fashion became a symbol of creativity; 1980s were the years of creative patterns, funky color combinations, and unique styles.  

 Presently, fashion has become an adept amalgamation of comfort, style, and mood. Fashion apparels are becoming an integral part of our lives. It has invaded (in a positive way) all our life’s aspects; we wear fashion when we wander, sleep, eat and even drink. Fashion wear is like the “Espresso” of our wardrobes - stimulating, strong, highly effective and a beloved ritual of many. 

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