When it comes to the NFL, Nebraska fans have always harbored a kind of mixed feeling. While everyone is proud of every Husker who has been a part of the NFL roster, NFL is also a crude reminder of the Callahan era when the team experienced two losing records and even went on to disintegrate in 2007. 

Still, there have been a considerable number of Cornhuskers who have gone on to play in the NFL and build successful professional careers. Here are five of the greatest Nebraska players to have ever played in the NFL:

1. Vince Ferragamo

In the NFL, Vinge Ferragamo played for nine successful years, after which he played for an additional year in Canada. In 1979, he was responsible for pushing the Los Angeles Rams towards victory in the NFC Championship. He threw for 11,366 yards.

 2. Will Shields

In 1993, Will Shields was picked in the third-round draft for the Kansas City Chiefs. In his NFL career spanning 14 years, Smith started every game except for his first game that he missed as a rookie. Starting from 1995, Shields was selected for 12 consecutive Pro Bowls. When NFL’s All-Decade Team for the 2000s was named, Shields was a part of it.

3. Bob Brown

Bob Brown was picked by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1964 and was the second overall pick that year. He then went on to play 10 seasons for the Eagles, the Los Angeles Rams, and the Oakland Raiders. He was a three-time winner of the NFL/NFC’s Offensive Lineman of the Year award and was named in the NFL’s All-Decade Team for the 1960s.

4. Grant Wistrom

The sixth overall pick in the NFL Draft of 1998, Grant Wistrom was first picked by the St. Louis Rams with whom he went on to play for six seasons. During that time, he also participated in two Super Bowls, winning one against the Titans in 2000. He also played for three seasons for the Seattle Seahawks.

5. Roy Lyman

Roy Lyman had an illustrious football career (including both college and the pros) spanning 16 long years. During his 12 years as a professional player, he won four titles. Over his career, he was a part of only one losing season.

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